About Us

Welcome to my Food Blog!

Hello, Culinary Enthusiasts! I’m Julie C. Cohen, a passionate food lover, former chef, and the creator behind Emadal, your new go-to space for all things delicious and nutritious. Born and raised in the vibrant, culturally rich city of Los Angeles, California, my journey in the culinary world began in the bustling kitchens of renowned restaurants across the city. With a whisk in one hand and a spatula in the other, I spent years curating, cooking, and presenting dishes that not only tantalized taste buds but also told a story of flavors and traditions.

My love for cooking has always been intertwined with a profound respect for ingredients and a keen interest in nutrition. After hanging up my chef’s hat in the restaurant industry, I embarked on a new adventure: diving into the world of food blogging with Emadal. Here, I meld my culinary expertise with my curiosity for nutrition, bringing you a plethora of recipes that don’t just taste good but also nourish your body.

Emadal is not just a blog; it’s a celebration of the harmony between taste and nutrition. It’s a space where I share with you my culinary experiments, tried-and-true recipes, and insights into how each ingredient benefits our bodies. From hearty mains to decadent desserts, every dish is crafted with love, backed by nutritional science, and has a dash of my culinary secrets.

Join me on this flavorful journey where we’ll explore, create, and indulge in dishes that are a feast for the senses and a gift to our well-being. Let’s celebrate the magic that happens when we respect the macros, understand the ingredients, and, most importantly, enjoy the process of creating and savoring food. Welcome to Emadal, where every bite is a balance of taste and nutrition!”